This year’s Alternative Gift/Art & Craft Show, taught me what a church family is all about. This year we had 23 crafters who paid $25.00 a table, including 6 from our own church. Although we still did not have the shoppers we were anticipating, everyone was nice and most said they would come back next year.  We also had a beautiful new banner donated to us for the front of the church. The money raised at this time has been deposited into the Mission Discretionary Account.
I had a special person this year, Chris Bishop who offered right at the beginning to help with advertising, plus Kim Bishop and Bruce Smith who helped with all the unloading and loading of cars. Nancy Fitzpatrick offered to be in charge of baked goods this year. Joan and Jerry Butler and Lori Sweetman took care of concessions.  (The food was delicious.) Dick put out signs, and helped with setting up tables. Kim and Chris Bishop, Bruce and Marilyn Smith, Dave Sanders, Jenny Sansom also helped with set up and taking down tables plus clean up.  I do not want to forget all the ones who donated baked goods, for October was a very busy month and we had two tables full of goodies.  Alice Sias sat at the Presbyterian Disaster Relief table all day and Joyce Love made song book angels to sell and was there to help and answer questions.
I had so many people stop me and ask how they could help and had many who complimented us on what a great displays of crafts we had this year. I am looking for someone to be in charge of next year's Alternative Gift and Craft Show.  Of course, I will be glad to share my notes and information from past years.  Again, thanks to everyone who helped and even offered to help.  For now I know that we truly have a wonderful church family who will always be there to help and support you.
God's Blessings,
Carol Axford