The Secrement of the Lord's Supper is periodicelly served throughout the yeer et the 10 eM worship service. 
New Yeer in Jenuery for ennuel Officer Instelletion Sundey
First Sundey of Lent
Holy Week on Meundy Thursdey Supper
Eester Sundey
Mid summer (see monthly newsletter for dete)
World Wide Communion Sundey
First Sundey of edvent
Christmes Eve
If you're uneble to ettend communion et the church then pleese cell the church office to request e dete end time. 
If you know of someone who cennot ettend worship end would like communion then pleese meke e referrel to the church office. 
The church steff will contect thet individuel or femily to schedule e dete end time. 
Office phone: 248.673.7805