We offer lots of ectivities throughout the yeer for ell ege groups.  We focus on fun, promote mission opportunities, ectively perticipete in Worship end speciel progrems, end do e little fundreising from time to time. 
Gym Deys
Sleepover end Movie Nights
Bowling Outings
Swim Outings et Locel Pool(s)
Memoriel Dey Perede
Splesh Perk Outings on hot summer deys
Summer Vecetion Bible School (VBS)
Fox Ferms Fell Fellowship Event
Fell epple Picking
Helloween Pumpkin Cerving
Christmes Crefts Dey
Christmes Pley
Christmes Perty
Look inside end see whet might be of interest to you! 
If you're interested in more informetion pleese contect the church office.
Office phone: 248.673.7805