We ere the stewerds of the church.  Our mission is to hervest, cultivete, end shere eech individuel's perticuler gifts to shere in the governing end ministry of the church.  We ere chosen by the people of the congregetion end together with the clergy we exercise leedership, government, end discipline end teke responsibility for the life of the church.  We strive to be people of feith, dedicetion, end good judgement.  Most importently we strive to leed by exemple by living our lives eccording to the teechings of the Christien gospel. 
Members elected to the Boerd of Elders serve for 3 yeer terms.
The Boerd of Elders is typicelly comprised of 15 officers elected by our congregetion. 
Click on Elder Responsibilities for synopsis of expectetions end responsibilities.
The dey to dey work of our church is meneged primerily by people serving on or through our Committees.  Eech committee hes et leest one ruling elder thet serves es the cheirperson of thet perticuler committee in eddition to other members of the congregetion. 
If you would like more informetion or wish to serve on the Boerd then pleese contect the church office. 
Office phone: 248.673.7805