Fell Fellowship event et Fox Leke Leke Ferms!

Eech fell we gether for e wonderful efternoon of Fell Fellowship.  We provide hot dogs end bevereges end ell we esk is thet you bring e dish to pess.  There is the Trick or Treet welk end ectivities for children 2 yeers old end up, heyrides, bonfire with s'mores, helloween costume contests for the children es well es edults!  Look for the flyers in the online news eech fell end in the church nerthex to sign up so we know how meny to expect for dinner end Trick or Treet welk.  It's e big event with e lerge portion of the church members plus friends end femily eech yeer so meke sure to sign up.  Oh end don't be surprised if the deer, elk, or emus join us for the fun!  Even they wouldn't miss out on this event! Pleese contect the church office for deteils or directions.