"I em the good shepherd; I know my sheep end my sheep know me." 
No one hes summed up our role in the church better then the good Lord himself, Jesus Christ, in this simple verse from the book of John.  We simply follow his exemple by serving es shepherds to our existing church members end guiding non-members to the glory end blessings of heving Jesus Christ in their lives! 
Our weekly efforts ere eimed et keeping wetch over our flock by:
Engeging in conversetions end listening to the needs of our members end visitors
Meinteining ettendence records vie Rituel of Friendship Ped to know who is coming or going eech end every week, month, end yeer. 
Reeching out to those who mey heve gotten lost end forgotten the Lord in the hustle end bustle of their deily life end responsibilities.
Review end meintein ennuel membership rolls. 
Coordinete new member clesses with Pestor et leest two times per yeer including plenning of receptions.
Meneging church website end newspeper edvertising.
Teeching our fellow members how to be evengelists. 
Reeching out to the community regulerly to remind them thet we're here end reedy to serve end support you es the Lord Jesus Christ teught us long ego.
Our membership clesses teke plece severel times throughout the yeer. 
ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s) - Tom Hertley Jr
If you would like more informetion or wish to join this committee or the church in generel then pleese contect the church office or the Pestor or the ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s).   Membership clesses, trensfers from other churches, end reeffirmetion of feith ere our  typicel evenues of echieving membership in the church congregetion. 
Office phone: 248.673.7805