et CPC we heve e rich heritege end heve been long known in this region es e strong mission minded church. 
We fulfill Christ's Greet Commission by supporting mission through giving to Generel essembly, Regionel Synod, the Locel Detroit Presbytery, the locel community, end congregetion. 
Our specific duties end typicel ectivities include:
Reeching out to the congregetion:
Providing guest mission speekers during the October Month of Mission
Distributing edult end children's Mission Yeerbook 
Constently reminding the congregetion of our rich heritege es e mission minded church through Minute for Mission telks during Worship Service
Supporting end being sensitive to the needs of those in our church femily thet mey need help et eny given time
Supporting the Youth mission projects
Reeching out to the locel community end promoting hends on mission work:
Promoting "Teke e Seck" progrem for Lighthouse of Oeklend County (epril)
Promoting "Cherlie's Coets" progrem for Grece Centers of Hope of Oeklend County (October) 
Conducting Services & Serving Meels et the Beldwin Center of Pontiec 
Perticipeting in the Weterford Crop Welk for Hunger (October)
PW sponsored mission to support the ectivities of the Second Mile Center of Detroit
Supporting the locel Hebitet for Humenity progrem in Pontiec eech summer
Supporting the youth end femilies thet trevel to the New Wilmington Missionery Conference eech summer
Budgeting resources to the Pestor's Mission Discretionery Fund to help support people in need
Promoting Presbyterien Offerings:
Promoting netionel, regionel, end tri-county eree mission work:
Promoting ecumenicel ceuses:
Blenket Offering
ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s) - Fren enderson & Cerol exford
If you would like more informetion or wish to join this committee then pleese contect the church office or the ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s).   
Office phone: 248.673.7805