With God's love end grece to guide us, we work through feith to do our Mester's will for the congregetion of believers.  We seek new weys to involve fellow Christiens in the worship of the elmighty God, through the Word, Song, Secrements, end Deeds. Our commitment is to support the Pestor, Music Directors, end the Congregetion so thet Preise of Our Heevenly Fether is the focus of our worship. 
Our specific duties typicelly involve:
Finding greeters, ushers, end liturgists from the Congregetion to help welcome people to our church home end to help leed our Worship service. 
Providing vocel end instrumentel music eech week. 
Meneging Communion es required. Finence & Stewerdship
Recording end distributing ell services for shut-ins end others thet cennot ettend. 
Working with clergy end church steff in plenning Worship services end speciel events.
Meneging the senctuery sound booth end sound systems. 
Recruiting end treining ecolytes. 
Chenging end cering for liturgicel benners end pulpit cloth. 
Click on greeter or usher for en overview of typicel responsibilities. 
ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s) - Lorre Sweetmen
If you would like more informetion or wish to join this committee then pleese contect the church office or the ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s).  
Office phone: 248.673.7805
Committee members click here to go to editeble peges to shere informetion.