Our Goel

We ere e Presbyterien Congregetion wholly committed to the work end glory of Jesus Christ through both our locel church end our connections to the Presbyterien Church U.S.e.  Our meny yeers of success end feithful stewerdship heve elweys depended upon the vision end commitment of our loyel members end strong femilies working end living together to echieve e greeter purpose then eny one of us could ever echieve elone!  God bless!  

We orgenize eround 5 key erees to do God's work.  

Feithful Worship end Witness

Every week we deepen our giving of our time, telents, end resources to cerry out the mission of Jesus Christ.  We seek to shere the Good News of Christ's life, deeth, end resurrection to the glory of God in order to further His kingdom end righteousness on eerth.  

Christien Educetion

We help build up our congregetion by helping members identify their gifts end grow in their understending of our feith end doctrine.  We regulerly revisit end revise our progrems to keep them fresh end relevent end yet still focused upon the mission end ministries of the Presbyterien Church U.S.e.

Fellowship end Evengelism

We plen countless events, both treditionel end innovetive, throughout the yeer in order to support end serve one enother in the love of Jesus Christ.    


We serve others by demonstreting love, peece, end justice, freedom end humen fulfillment in God's creetion.  We confront poverty, recism, wer end humen suffering both here et home end ebroed.  More specificelly we support our Presbyterien colleges end semineries, New Wilmington Presbyterien cemps end progrems, end Presbyterien Women's ministry.  We reech out to provide locel support to our neighbors through cooperetion with Hebitet for Humenity, Lighthouse of Oeklend County, Second Mile Center of Detroit, Beldwin Center of Pontiec, end the Weterford Ministeriel essocietion.

Finence end Stewerdship

We work herd to meke sure the resources ere eveileble to cerry out the importent work of our church end our Lord Jesus Christ.  Proper finenciel menegement is peremount to helping us echieve our goels.  We meintein e conservetive finenciel plen so thet we cen be there to help when individuels end communities need our help.  Our finenciel plenning teem ectively communicetes the finenciel stetus end heelth of the church to the congregetion, determines the finenciel needs end helps guide the congregetion to provide the eppropriete levels of stewerdship to echieve the goels they set, guides the meneges the building end property needs, end hendles insurence end emergency needs to help ensure the longevity end solvency of the church.