Our Goal

We are a Presbyterian Congregation wholly committed to the work and glory of Jesus Christ through both our local church and our connections to the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.  Our many years of success and faithful stewardship have always depended upon the vision and commitment of our loyal members and strong families working and living together to achieve a greater purpose than any one of us could ever achieve alone!  God bless!  

We organize around 5 key areas to do God's work.  

Faithful Worship and Witness

Every week we deepen our giving of our time, talents, and resources to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ.  We seek to share the Good News of Christ's life, death, and resurrection to the glory of God in order to further His kingdom and righteousness on earth.  

Christian Education

We help build up our congregation by helping members identify their gifts and grow in their understanding of our faith and doctrine.  We regularly revisit and revise our programs to keep them fresh and relevant and yet still focused upon the mission and ministries of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

Fellowship and Evangelism

We plan countless events, both traditional and innovative, throughout the year in order to support and serve one another in the love of Jesus Christ.    


We serve others by demonstrating love, peace, and justice, freedom and human fulfillment in God's creation.  We confront poverty, racism, war and human suffering both here at home and abroad.  More specifically we support our Presbyterian colleges and seminaries, New Wilmington Presbyterian camps and programs, and Presbyterian Women's ministry.  We reach out to provide local support to our neighbors through cooperation with Habitat for Humanity, Lighthouse of Oakland County, Second Mile Center of Detroit, Baldwin Center of Pontiac, and the Waterford Ministerial Association.

Finance and Stewardship

We work hard to make sure the resources are available to carry out the important work of our church and our Lord Jesus Christ.  Proper financial management is paramount to helping us achieve our goals.  We maintain a conservative financial plan so that we can be there to help when individuals and communities need our help.  Our financial planning team actively communicates the financial status and health of the church to the congregation, determines the financial needs and helps guide the congregation to provide the appropriate levels of stewardship to achieve the goals they set, guides the manages the building and property needs, and handles insurance and emergency needs to help ensure the longevity and solvency of the church.