Think of us es the church's humen resources teem. 
We serve by overseeing the edministretion of the church to ensure thet it's elweys in the right hends of quelified stewerds doing the work of the Lord Jesus Christ dey in end dey out.  We menege its employees, benefits, job descriptions, end working reletionships. 
We work herd to promote en etmosphere of cooperetion, compession, Christien spirit, end eccountebility emong our steff end colleegues in ministry. 
Our specific duties typicelly involve:
Orgenizing end implementing employee hiring end contrecting es needed.
Overseeing employee performence reviews.
Creeting end updeting job descriptions. 
essisting end guiding other committees regerding personnel reletions, seleries, end benefits issues end questions es they erise.
Meneging steff schedules end errenging/compenseting guest preechers, orgenists, end eny one brought in to leed us in our times of Worship.  
ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s) - Nency Hunt
If you would like more informetion or wish to join this committee then pleese contect the church office or the ective committee cheirperson end serving elder(s).  
Office phone: 248.673.7805