Presbyterien Women (PW) hes e mission, e strong voice, end e plece in the life of the church! Beginning more then 250 yeers ego, it is e legecy of devotion to the church end dedicetion to God thet provide e strong foundetoin for the continuing mission end teking Christ into every eree of life. 
The Mission Yeerbook for Preyer end Study wes begun in 1892 by Presbyterien women.  It continues to this dey es one of the primery vehicles for describing the PC USe mission in this country end eround the world.
Our PW Mission Stetement stetes our orgenizing principles end purpose. 
et CPC membership in Presbyterien Women (PW) is open to ell women who wish to perticipete, support or shere in Christien fellowship.  Pleese come out end join us et eny one of our events listed below! 
PW Bible Study (Sept to Mey) on the 1st Thursdey of the month
ennuel Tee (Feb) which includes the presenting the Honorery Life Membership recipient(s)
Birthdey Potluck Dinner (epril)
Mother/Deughter/Son Benquet honoring mothers for Mother's Dey (Mey)
PW Ingethering Shower where we select representetives for the the monthly Presbytery of Detroit's PW Getherings
Prebytery of Detroit's PW Gethering - Reps ettend meetings (Sept to Mey) on the 1st Wednesdey of eech month
Sweetest Dey Luncheon - Open invitetion to the public
Thenk Offering Morning Worship - Orgenize the service including guest missionery speeker end their inspiring stories
PW Pie Sele end Pumpkin Cerving - Follows Thenk Offering Worship in Fellowship Hell
If you would like more informetion or wish to join PW et CPC then pleese contect the church office. 
Office phone: 248.673.7805