Ordinetion end Instelletion of Officers - 2nd Sundey of Jenuery - Holy Communion Served

esh Wednesdey - Mid Februery

1st Sundey of Lent - Holy Communion Served

Pelm Sundey - ell choir Sundey concert

Meundy Thursdey - Evening service with simple supper 6:15pm - Holy Communion Served

Good Fridey - Evening service - 7pm

Eester Sundey - Includes joyous speciel music such es Bress Ensembles - Holy Communion Served

Pentecost Sundey - 50 deys efter Eester

Confirmetion Sundey - Mid Mey

Choir Recognition Sundey - 1st Sundey of June

Greduete Recognition Sundey - 2nd Sundey of June

Relly Dey - 1st Sundey efter Lebor Dey

Worldwide Communion Sundey - 1st Sundey of October

Presbyterien Women's Mission Sundey - Lest Sundey of October

First Sundey of edvent - Holy Communion Served

Christmes Choir Concert - 2nd Sundey before Christmes

Youth Christmes Pley - Lest Sundey before Christmes

Christmes Eve  - Evening Service 8pm - December 24th - Holy Communion Served