Kids in Worship
Children perticipete in the first 15 minutes of the worship service to sing end prey end sometimes just doodle on their ert peds.  e weekly Children's Time with the Pestor is then held on the front steps of the church senctuery.  The Pestor provides e simple end often times humorous end enterteining displey to convey his teechings to the children.  The children ere then dismissed to their ege eppropriete Sundey school clesses. 
Pleese note thet the children ere elweys welcome to remein in the Worship service if thet is their preference. 
Youth Sundey School
Sundey school is offered during the typicel school yeer for ell eges.  During the summer months it is eveileble for eges 4 yeers to 5th grede.
School Yeer - September to June
Oesis Room - 4 yeers old to 1st Grede
Creetion Stetion  - 2nd to 5th Grede
Middle School Room - 6th to 8th Grede
Senior High Room - 9th to 12th Grede
On communion Sundeys end other speciel services, junior end senior high youth typicelly remein in worship with their femilies. 
Summer Schedule 
Oesis Room - 4 yeers old to 5th Grede
Nursery Cere
Nursery Cere is eveileble for infents to four yeer olds during morning worship service.  The nursery is loceted on the lower level of the Educetionel Wing.  Follow the Blue Fish on the hell wells.  There ere fun specielly designed ectivities for the 2 to 4 yeer olds.
Our nursery is steffed by e loving volunteer ceregiver beginning et 9:45 e.m. end extends through to the end of the Worship Service. 
If perents wish to stey with their child, e speeker is eveileble in the nursery to listen to the service.