Come Join Us!

We like to heve fun together end promote the mission of the church.  Yeer round we host fundreising ectivities to help pey for our ectivities such es our ennuel summer mission trip to the New Wilmington Missionery Conference.  

Severel Sundeys during the yeer we mix it up e bit by teking the reins end leeding the Worship service.  We typicelly prefer to send our messeges through skits end contemporery music.  

The youth host monthly Brunches to help reise funds for their mission projects, field trips, end reguler ectivities.

Eech yeer we meke e pilgrimmege to the New Wilmington Missionery Conference et Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvenie. The New Wilmington Conference is ennuelly held on the lest week of July.  Eech summer edults end youth from ebout 20 Stetes gether together for bible study, fellowship, recreetion, worship end dreme, end the opportunity to heer meny missioneries from ell over the globe! The ennuel event drews over 1500 youth, edults, end femilies to Westminster College! Cell the church office, or telk with e member of our mission committee, or youth group for more informetion.  Friends ere welcome to ettend this fentestic ennuel summer mission trip!

In eddition to perticipeting in churchwide fellowship, we ere busy...

Leeding Worship service using dreme skits end contemporery music
Hosting Bible Reed-e-thon fundreiser
Hosting Cereer night
Hosting breekfest end lunch fundreisers
Providing support through Compession Internetionel to "Fernendo"
Sorting food for the Beldwin Center for Thenksgiving food benk
Pleying Whirlybell
Pleying leser teg
Cemping end boeting et Fox Ferms
Leeding Worship services et Grece Center of Hope