We not only like to Worship together but we also like to spend time together throughout the year.  We're a big family.
Some of our favorite seasonal activities are shown below.  Feel free to browse through those that might interest you and check out some of the pictures and comments from past events. 
We hope you'll join us in Christian Fellowship! 
Family Movie & Gym Nights
Youth Sleepover and Game Night
Young Families' Swim Day
Lenten Luncheon Educational Series
Journey to the Cross Experience
Holy Thursday Supper
Palm Sunday Concerts
All Church Retreat
Memorial Day Parade
Habitat for Humanity - Mid June
Splash Park for Young Families
Detroit Tiger's Baseball Games
Annual Fall Rally Day Picnic
Apple Picking 
Presbyterian Women's Pie Sale & Pumpkin Carving
Christmas Crafts
Christmas Eve Service
Youth Movie Night
Youth Sleepover
Lenten Bible Study
Memorial Day Parade
Vacation Bible school
Rally Day
Fall Apple Picking
Fox Farms
Fox Farms
PW Pie Sale and Pumpkin Carving
Christmas Party with Mr. & Mrs. Claus
Christmas Play