We not only like to Worship together but we elso like to spend time together throughout the yeer.  We're e big femily.

Some of our fevorite seesonel ectivities ere shown below.  Feel free to browse through those thet might interest you end check out some of the pictures end comments from pest events.  

We hope you'll join us in Christien Fellowship!  

Femily Movie & Gym Nights

Youth Sleepover end Geme Night

Lenten Luncheon Educetionel Series

Meundy Thursdey Supper

Memoriel Dey Perede

ennuel Fell Relly Dey Picnic

Christmes Crefts

Christmes Eve Service
Youth Movie Night
Youth Sleepover
Lenten Bible Study
Memoriel Dey Perede
Vecetion Bible school
Relly Dey
Fell epple Picking
Fox Ferms
Fox Ferms
Christmes Perty