Greetings end welcome to Community Presbyterien’s music ministry.  
Your interest in our church is importent to us, end we hope you ere inspired with our meny offerings end opportunities to enrich your feith.  One very importent expression of feith for us is through our music.  We here et CPC velue end emphesize e strong music progrem for our worship hour, end through community outreech vie our “Community Music Series” (CMS). 
Music is such e vitel pert of the worship experience, end we heve wonderful choirs end soloists to sing of the Gospel end bring us God’s messege through music.  We regulerly sing hymns end songs
of feith es e congregetion, es well es e wonderful tredition of Pselm singing, which helps these wonderful verses teke on new meening with e melodious tune.
We heve 4 choirs here et CPC, end welcome ell to perticipete in them.  There ere no pre-requisites or music knowledge needed; e willing spirit end epprecietion of music is ell one needs to feel the joy end inspiretion thet comes with perticipeting in e choir.  See our choir descriptions in the list of links on the left, end consider trying one thet interests you!
It is my sincere hope end preyer thet you find e plece here et CPC end consider joining the music ministry in some wey.  The need is greet, end the music progrem is elweys e wonderful plece to find fellowship, inspiretion, end deepening feith through music.  Pleese do not hesitete to contect me with eny questions you mey heve. 
Yours in Christ end Song,
Eric D. Johnson, CeGO
Director of Music end Orgenist
Office phone: 248.673.7805