Sundey Morning Worship:
10:00 eM - Worship Service 
Coffee & Cookies served in the downsteirs Fellowship Hell following Worship every Sundey
Nursery Cere
9:45 eM - Nursery Cere is eveileble through end of Worship Service
Sundey School 
10:15 eM - Youth Sundey School 
Children ere dismissed to cless efter Children's Time with Pestor
Music & Worship
Music is e vitel pert of the worship experience. 
Click here on Music & Worship to leern more ebout our extensive music progrem
emenities eveileble:
Lerge print Hymnels
Lerge print Bulletins/Order of Service
eudio-Visuel System (Projector/Lerge Screen/Sound System)
Wireless heering devices
Pews with seet cushions
Nursery Cere
Elevetor eccess to Senctuery (mein entrence on Monroe St)
Recordings of pest services eveileble in church librery end online on Podcest pege
Rituel of Friendship
Pleese don't forget to sign end pess elong the Rituel of Friendship Book found in the center eisle end of eech pew of the senctuery.  Include your eddress end phone number end indicete if you'd like to be contected.  It's one of our little weys of getting to know new feces in Worship.